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It was the most musical of the Rat Pack films, with Frank, Dean and Sammy as gangsters in ’30’s era Chicago, with some comical rivalries, schemes and power struggles.  Fourth in the series of Rat Pack films, it continued the tradition of including a number in the title, a la Oceans Eleven, Sergeants Three, and Four For Texas

One of the film’s highlights is a musical number in which Frank introduces a song saluting Chicago, called My Kind Of Town.  He often closed his nightclub show with the song until later on when  he recorded New York, New York and it became a very popular closer for him. 

Joining Frank, Dean and Sammy in the film were Peter Falk, Barbara Rush and Edward G. Robinson, who makes a brief appearance.  Peter Lawford was also supposed to be in the movie, but his part was re-cast when he was exiled from the Rat Pack by Frank after Peter had to break the news that President Kennedy would not be staying at Frank’s home in Palm Springs on a California visit as planned.  That didn’t sit too well with Frank.  And not helping, were the elaborate plans Frank had made for the visit, which included remodeling his property to accomodate the President and his entourage.

Although Frank took it out on Peter, he apparently didn’t hold it against the star whose Palm Springs residence replaced his as the President’s destination, because it was that star, Bing Crosby, who replaced Lawford in Robin and the Seven Hoods. 

To see the cast performing one of the songs from the movie, visit the YouTube Rat Pack Impersonators site

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