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There have been several books written about the Rat Pack.  But possibly the best work out there is titled Rat Pack Confidential, by author Shawn Levy.  True to its name, it contains a lot of inside information and stories about the individuals, and the group as a whole.  There’s Frank’s history of ups and downs both emotionally and professionally. . .Dean’s lack of interest in politics and just about everything else in favor of sex and golf. . .Sammy’s struggles and his crucial but fragile relationship with Frank. . .Joey’s thin Rat Pack affiliation that existed primarily on the stage. . .and finally, Peter’s sordid and pathetic side which intensified after his questionable Rat Pack expulsion.

What makes Rat Pack Confidential a fascinating read is not only the depth of great content and detail, but the manner in which it’s written; a colorful, cool narrative that captures the style of the subjects, almost if as Frank had written it.

Shawn Levy

 The author, Shawn Levy, has been the film critic of the Oregonian in Portland Oregon since 1997.  Rat Pack Confidential was released in 1998, which is also the year Frank Sinatra died.  Not a Rat Pack era contemporary, Shawn Levy was actually born in 1961, possibly the peak year of the Rat Pack’s reign in Las Vegas.  Rat Pack Confidential is a must-read for Rat Pack fans as well as Rat Pack performers

Other books by Shawn Levy include King Of Comedy:  The Life And Art Of Jerry Lewis, and more recently Paul Newman:  A Life.

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