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Monthly Archives: June 2009


In addition to impersonators of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and The Rat Pack, many tribute shows over the years have featured a Michael Jackson impersonator.  There are many, and many are quite good.  One who comes to mind calls himself E’Casanova, and he has created a remarkable lookalike of Michael.  In fact, it’s so good, he even doubled for Michael, at Michael’s request. 

E’Casanova doesn’t just make himself look like Michael.  He also sings and dances and re-creates much of Michael’s stage presence and does a pretty accurate job of it.  He will no doubt continue to be sought after for his tribute act, and now, with the sudden death of Michael, the demand for his show will probably even increase.   To read more about him, go to E’Casanova’s MySpace page.


Young Sammy

The youngest member of The Rat Pack was born Samuel Victor Moses George Davis Jr., in the Bronx, almost exactly ten years after Frank Sinatra, and eight years after Dean Martin.

Sammy Davis Jr.’s parents were both entertainers who split up when Sammy was three years old.  At that early age, Sammy went out on tour with his dad and his dad’s partner Will Mastin in their dance troupe which, with the addition of Sammy, became known as The Will Mastin Trio.  At the age of eight, Sammy appeared in a movie called Rufus Jones For President.

Sammy served in the U.S. Army during World War II, during which he joined an entertainment unit.  After the war, he rejoined the Will Mastin Trio, but soon moved on to success of his own with solo albums and a starring role on Broadway in a show called Mr. Wonderful.

But more success and excitement was on the way for Sammy starting in 1959, when, at the age of 34 he teamed up with Frank, Dean, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford for a series of movies and one of the most memorable stage shows Las Vegas has ever seen, forever known as The Rat Pack.


While the Rat Pack threesome of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. performed at a nightclub in Chicago one night in 1962, Frank created an unintentionally humorous moment.  Someone requested Nancy with the Laughing Face, the song written for Frank’s daughter in 1944 by Jimmy Van Heusen with lyrics by a Sinatra friend, comedy star Phil Silvers.

Frank agreed to perform the special request.  But once into the song, instead of singing the lyrics “she takes the winter and makes it summer”, he accidentally reversed it and sang “she takes the summer and makes it winter” which is not exactly the message.  You can hear him hesitate slightly, but he chose not to call attention to it so it went pretty much unnoticed, except maybe by some observant Rat Pack fans, and those of us known as Rat Pack Impersonators who try to re-create those great Rat Pack shows  for today’s audiences.